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Important Market Notification

iRelaxBot US Headquarters

Jun 26, 2023

Important Market Notice Regarding Counterfeit Products

To Whom It May Concern:

We have recently observed the presence of massage bed products in the market that imitate the iRelaxBot intelligent therapy robot. We would like to issue a warning and establish regulations to ensure market order and protect consumer rights.

These counterfeit products bear a striking resemblance to iRelaxBot in terms of appearance. However, it is crucial to emphasize that these products cannot be compared to iRelaxBot in terms of functionality. iRelaxBot is a widely used product in the global market, extensively tested by medical institutions over several decades for its high safety and reliability. On the contrary, these counterfeit products are not manufactured by our factory and lack the robotic structure of iRelaxBot. Therefore, no comparisons can be made regarding their therapeutic effects and performance.

Furthermore, the production and operational costs of iRelaxBot are unmatched by other products. iRelaxBot incorporates an integrated robotic device, and any product with a robotic structure must undergo rigorous testing of over tens of thousands of cycles before entering the market. These tests ensure that iRelaxBot's robotic device is durable, can withstand high usage frequency, and is less prone to damage. As a result, there is a significant disparity in production costs and quality advantages between iRelaxBot and other products. We urge consumers not to solely compare and judge based on price and external market descriptions. iRelaxBot is a healthcare product, distinct from any electronic device, and adheres to strict production standards regarding safety. We implore consumers to exercise caution, avoid seeking cheaper alternatives, and risking their own well-being by trying other counterfeit products.

We deeply regret the emergence of various counterfeit products and the severe imitation and price-dumping practices. These actions severely infringe upon the trademark and intellectual property rights of iRelaxBot, while also disrupting the market price system and creating market disorder.

We want to make it clear that any similar counterfeit products are unrelated to iRelaxBot. We exclusively manufacture and sell our own brand (iRelaxBot in English and 爱轻松 in Chinese) of products, ensuring that each product undergoes strict certification and debugging before entering the market for sale.

We reiterate our commitment to taking all necessary measures to protect our intellectual property rights in the United States and Canada. We strongly oppose such egregious acts against intellectual property rights and will collaborate with legal institutions in the United States to ensure our rights are fully protected.

We would like to emphasize that iRelaxBot does not make any promises regarding the effectiveness of the counterfeit products nor assume any responsibility associated with them. Any issues arising from the use of these counterfeit products are unrelated to iRelaxBot.

We sincerely appeal to all stakeholders in the market, including distributors, consumers, and relevant organizations, to collectively safeguard intellectual property rights and market order. Please exercise caution when encountering similar counterfeit products and ensure that you purchase iRelaxBot products from authorized channels to guarantee your rights and safety.

Our only authorized sales channels are the following websites: www.iRelax.Life and We do not have any other channels for selling our exclusive products.

Thank you for your support and attention to iRelaxBot. We will continue to provide high-quality products and services to our customers, contributing to health and well-being.

If you have any further questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact us.


iRelaxBot US Headquarters
June 26, 2023

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